Adopt a Hive

Adopt a hive/s

By adopting a beehive you are providing a home for BEEHIVES. The number of which varies per location, dependant on acreage and availability of water year round, we share the honey yield. We offer advice on pesticide use, bee friendly planting and provide a year round management service. We are also happy to train future bee keepers. Broods are selected for calm temperament, as is the species of bee for your location. By adopting a hive you are helping to save the species and pollinate plants.

You pay for the hive (this includes a base, two boxes with furniture and one lid). Further boxes may be added through the year: we provide those and the furniture free of charge, plus one brood of bees. The bee stock remains our property which allows us to replenish or restock should circumstances require it.


Option one   $ 165.00 inc GST, you get 10% of the yield

Option two   $ 275.00 inc GST, you get 20% of the yield

Option three $ 385.00 inc GST, you get 30% of the yield

Option Four   $ 495.00 inc GST, you get 60% of the yield

In a good year one hive may yield 100 litres, with an average of around 70 litres in a bad year (worst case scenario is 20 litres, but no guarantee is given as to yield volume).Volume discounts can be negotiated. Terms and Conditions apply.

Agistment of beehive/s (including corporate sponsorship)

This program is the same as the Adopt-a-hive except we locate, manage your hive/s for which you get the yield share as per our website.

Host a beehive or hives

This requires no payment up front but is dependent on a site inspection and risk assessment of the prospective site. You in return get pollination and some honey. Terms and Conditions apply.


Phone Mark for more info: 0421 647424