Our Honey

  • Golden Plains Honey has adopted Bio Dynamic beekeeping practices as a way of ensuring the quality of our product whilst maintaining bee health.
  • We produce 100% raw and cold filtered honey. No heat is applied during extraction or processing.
  • Our honey is fully matured and cured in the hive.
  • All hives are sourced from Australian timber.
  • Our hive boxes are chemical free.
  • Biodynamic principles of beekeeping have been adopted, as permissible, under current legislation.
  • Hive design innovations ensure intervention is kept to a minimum, thereby ensuring optimal conditions for the bees, maximising bee health.
  • We do not artificially breed queens or use artificially inseminated queens. Queen cells are taken from the hives where possible to create new hives.
  • We are careful not to put our hives near huge mono-cultures.
  • We work closely with local farmers to promote bee health and bee friendly practices.

Golden Plains Honey vs. Conventional honey

Our Bees construct honeycomb in hives made from sustainable wood and materials that are treated with natural products. Conventional Beekeeping utilises honeycomb in frames made of material that is chemically treated with synthetic material.
Our Honey is stored and ripened in Honeycomb that bees have constructed naturally. Conventional Honey is stored and ripened in honeycomb that bees have constructed on recycled wax or plastic comb.
Our Honey is stored and ripened for 3 to 9 months in the hive. Conventional honey is collected once the supers are full.
Our Honey comes from bees that are fed their natural diet. Conventional Honey comes from bees that fed artificially
Our Bees are treated only with organic biodynamic preparations to maintain their health. Conventional bees may have been treated with chemicals & synthetics
Our honey is extracted at low temperatures Conventional is heated & pressure filtered to facilitate extraction
Our bees are only placed in environments of low toxicity and pollution thereby ensuring a clean nectar supply. Conventional beekeepers pay little attention to pollution levels or environmental toxicity